Sweet, Sour, and Bittersweet Endings

We’ve gone over quite a few endings to stories. We’ve been through temporary victories, ultimate battles, cliffhangers, heck, even peaceful endings. That’s because the ending can change the reader’s (or watcher’s) opinion on the book/movie. It’s crucial not to mess up. This article will be less concerned with the content involved with a sweet, sour,Continue reading “Sweet, Sour, and Bittersweet Endings”

Great Endings: The Peaceful One

That time when you can’t find an appropriate picture for the article you’re writing…Heh heh. You’re tough. Don’t complain. I’m good at explaining things anyway, without pictures. “Sure,” you smirk. “That must be the reason why you recommend having a picture on the front of one’s novel.” Anyway…enough with the weirdness, and on to theContinue reading “Great Endings: The Peaceful One”

Great Endings: The Cliffhanger

The Cliffhanger is an ending in which the ending of the story is left effectively unresolved. Usually the story must be resolved with the ending, but not so with the Cliffhanger. You purposefully leave out the “resolved” bit of the resolution. Note: I am not sanctioning here the use of a technique that is rarelyContinue reading “Great Endings: The Cliffhanger”

Great Endings: The Temporary Victory

Important note: this is not to be confused with the Ultimate Battle or the Doomed-To-Fail Battle. This is a good ending, but use it cautiously. Some books would take a Ultimate Battle better than they would a Temporary Victory. Use discretion. What exactly IS the Temporary Victory? Well, it’s not an “ending” per se, becauseContinue reading “Great Endings: The Temporary Victory”

Great Endings: The Ultimate Battle

*Cue Final Fantasy VI boss music* There are many types of great endings, but the Ultimate Battle is one of them. Not to be confused with the Temporary Victory we see at the end of LOTR: The Two Towers, the Ultimate Battle is final: the conclusion of the battle of good and evil. It’s aContinue reading “Great Endings: The Ultimate Battle”