Common Pitfalls: “Just Throw Another Thing on”

I was fascinated with Legos as a young child. (And no, that’s not me by the way) I had the usual assortment of Transformers, various action figures, NERF guns and other toys just laying about. But, in time, you’d get bored of those other things. The one thing that never got boring was–you guessed it–Legos.Continue reading “Common Pitfalls: “Just Throw Another Thing on””

Common Pitfalls: Same-Character Syndrome

Being a writer is hard work (that’s obvious). With all of the characters you have to make, histories to enumerate, places to detail, it can get pretty–how shall I say this–uniform? That’s not the right word. Let’s just say that when you’ve got a hundred million details to make up a story, things start toContinue reading “Common Pitfalls: Same-Character Syndrome”

Common Pitfalls: Complicated and Unfamiliar Plots

It’s easy to misunderstand me when I say “complicated plot”. After all, the word “complicated” is open to interpretation. Do I mean a plot that keeps the reader guessing with all of its twists and turns? Do I mean a plot with in-depth, seemingly bottomless characters? Do I mean that the world is so multi-facetedContinue reading “Common Pitfalls: Complicated and Unfamiliar Plots”