Published Novels:

Paragons of Lost Magic, Book 1: The Mage’s Gambit

The Eldari Mages had vanished long ago. Magic was a forgotten memory…That is, until Koren Hrothgaard crossed paths with a would-be conman and former practitioner of mystic arts, an ex-captain of the guard, and a drifter with a mysterious past. It’s come to challenge everything he knew about the extinct order, and things get even more complicated when he discovers a plot crafted by the ancient antithesis of the Eldari to destroy the kingdom and establish their reign once more. As he races to save his homeland from extinction, he can’t help but wonder if he’s being unwittingly used for purposes more mysterious–and malign–than he at first guessed…

Novellas/Novelettes From the Rack:

Never Let Go

Aster thought her life was over when she was diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. In a way, it was: she was so young, so full of potential. To make matters worse, she has already fallen in love with a young man named Cosmos, who is equally shocked to learn of the news. Is there anything else that Aster can live for in her waning moments of life? It’s a Contemporary Realistic Fictional story that strives to explain life, death, love, despair, and the sometimes hard-to-see meanings behind it all.

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