Character Spotlight: Aragorn Elessar

So I was like: “Reading pieces of commendable writing allow us to become greater writers, write? (Pun intended…har har) So why don’t we take apart great, well-known characters in literature to see what makes them tick?” So, I did that. Let’s see what makes Aragorn son of Arathorn king of Gondor such a great character.Continue reading “Character Spotlight: Aragorn Elessar”

How to Handle Conflicted Characters

Conflicted characters are those who not only have a conflict with their enemies, but also with themselves. These characters are often resentful, angry, and driven by vengeance. The conflicted villains seek to reconcile their conscience with their ill deed, and conflicted heroes usually want to square their sense of the good with their duty. Essentially,Continue reading “How to Handle Conflicted Characters”

Genres of Fiction: Mystery

Everyone loves a good mystery, one that keeps you on your toes till the very end, that leaves you satisfied as you close the book, finally understanding how all the miscellaneous pieces actually fit together. Simply put, a mystery novel, short story, poem, etc. is one in which the conflict is centered on the unknown.Continue reading “Genres of Fiction: Mystery”

The Importance of Criticism

Criticism hurts. But it’s necessary. I know, it would be really nice just to surround yourself with three or four of your friends and give them drafts of your almost-finished, and they all reply back with comments like, “It’s amazing!” or “I’m a big fan!” or “You have talent!”. While all these things may beContinue reading “The Importance of Criticism”

Drawing Inspiration From Real Life: All Storytelling is a Parody of Something Real

“All storytelling”? That’s a bold statement. But it’s true: where would Star Wars be without their space magic (the Force), or without their swords (lightsabers) or guns (blasters)? Where would Tolkien be if he never used the archetypical medieval-mythical setting for his Lord of the Rings? To start off, the whole point of a storyContinue reading “Drawing Inspiration From Real Life: All Storytelling is a Parody of Something Real”

Just Start the Book Already (Or Finish It)!

Once upon a time, there was a hobo who lived on the streets. He was so poor, he had to sell his dog for money to keep alive. He wasn’t a writer. He wasn’t a salesman. He wasn’t an actor. He wasn’t rich. He was a nobody, and a seriously poor nobody. Then, by aContinue reading “Just Start the Book Already (Or Finish It)!”