A Completely Unjustified Rant About Low Fantasies

There’s always that one thing that isn’t necessarily wrong, but it pisses you off far more than it has any right to. You want to lash out against it, but everyone else in the room will look startled and ask “what the f&%# are you talking about”? That’s because they don’t understand. When they askContinue reading “A Completely Unjustified Rant About Low Fantasies”

So I Saw the ‘Super Mario Bros’ Movie, And Now I Get The Rotten Tomatoes Conundrum

Critics and fans rarely agree. This is usually because of one or two reasons particularly: one, critics are far more trained in their ability to assess and critique, allowing them to peer deeper into the framework of a story. And because of their honest assessment of a certain movie, TV show, video game, or otherwise,Continue reading “So I Saw the ‘Super Mario Bros’ Movie, And Now I Get The Rotten Tomatoes Conundrum”

Why Video Game Adaptations Into Movies (Almost Always) Don’t Work

Some things are not meant to be, however tantalizing the prospect. Since people discovered the art of actually making video game gameplay make sense through story, a brave few have managed to establish their presence even better than the top blockbusters. In short, video game movies have always had investors salivating. So, I like stories.Continue reading “Why Video Game Adaptations Into Movies (Almost Always) Don’t Work”

My Top 10 Quick Tips For Writing Fighting Scenes

When any writer worth their salt offers you advice, they’ll also be sure to warn you that you can disregard anything they say for any reason whatsoever if it doesn’t end up working for you. That being said, they’ll caution you against a whole bunch of things that they say are life-threatening to your career.Continue reading “My Top 10 Quick Tips For Writing Fighting Scenes”

Just Do It Better: Describing Things

Is this a new series? Maybe. Did I just use a Shia Labeouf meme? Definitely. Does anyone actually care about Shia Labeouf? I don’t know. Is the “Just Do It” meme a thing of my childhood? Absolutely. Is it an outdated relic of the past? Debatable. Am I once again drawing out this blog postContinue reading “Just Do It Better: Describing Things”

Working With Drafts From a Few Years Back: Rewrite or Edit?

Every writer–well, most writers in my estimation–remembers their first projects, probably with the same fondness an aging parent has for their child’s first steps. It symbolizes growth and maturity, and simply reading through your past works is like a subtle but constant roadmap of rising quality, culminating in what you’re writing today. And the goodContinue reading “Working With Drafts From a Few Years Back: Rewrite or Edit?”

Best of the Blog: The Truth About “Show, Don’t Tell”

Show, don’t tell. A very common piece of writing advice that, when mastered, can give you quite the leg up on your work. At first glance, it may seem counterintuitive to rely on pictures instead of words in a novel you’re writing, but the point of the statement is not that you saturate your bookContinue reading “Best of the Blog: The Truth About “Show, Don’t Tell””

The Importance of Finishing Strong

If you ask most authors for advice (including me), you’re likely to be told sometime about a narrative hook. That’d be a captivating yet appropriate scene placed at the start of the book to maximize reader interest. In other words, something that draws the reader in and forces them to read on. Admittedly, this isContinue reading “The Importance of Finishing Strong”