You May NOT Keep The Reader in Suspense As Long As You Like

So…this doesn’t happen to me often, but it recently did, so I suppose I should talk about it. If only to get it out of my system. In any case, you’ve probably heard that suspense is a great way to create tension in your story, right? So you’ve created circumstances and characters we care about,Continue reading “You May NOT Keep The Reader in Suspense As Long As You Like”

Why Sonic 2 Is Better Than Mario Remastered

So, over the weekend, I decided–on a whim–to go back and watch the live action adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog and its sequel, chewing up a precious four hours of my life that I probably would have spent 40% between video editing and 60% playing video games. (okay, fine, I’ll admit: I’m being generous) IContinue reading “Why Sonic 2 Is Better Than Mario Remastered”

How to Pull Off a Double-Twist Character Death

[Insert generic analogy about being gone], but now I’m back! [Continue the analogy and add a clause containing a joke about almost dying], but I wouldn’t dare die on you guys when I still have this blog to take care of! [Insert another tryhard joke about liking, sharing and subscribing], and maybe I won’t [continueContinue reading “How to Pull Off a Double-Twist Character Death”

The Closer Look: Why George R.R. Martin Is Wrong About Video Games

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