Crafting the Perfect Character

Who do you think is the character closest to you in the picture? Why is he facing all of those warriors? Is his backstory tragic or happy? Has he been pursued to his current place? Who exactly ARE his pursuers? Certain questions need to be asked when creating a good character. By “good character”, IContinue reading “Crafting the Perfect Character”

How to Describe Places Like a Pro

I chose the above picture for this article because it’s one of the MANY scenes in the LOTR/Hobbit movies that are idyllic yet epic-looking. It’s hard enough to arrange something like this in a movie; how hard would it be to describe it in written form? This image gives off more than one feeling: heroicnessContinue reading “How to Describe Places Like a Pro”

Movie Review: The Man Who Invented Christmas

The year? 1843. The man? Charles Dickens. The object? One of the greatest books ever written. I know the title at the top says “movie review”, and I’ll stick true to my word and review this noble movie, but The Man Who Invented Christmas is a movie about a book. A Christmas Carol, to beContinue reading “Movie Review: The Man Who Invented Christmas”

Lewis and Tolkien: Creators of High Fantasy

We owe a lot to these two men. Especially us Fantasy authors: Tolkien and Lewis heavily influenced the genre of High Fantasy. There are many types of Fantasy; ranging from Sci-Fi Fantasy (Think Star Wars, or Dune) to Dark Fantasy (Think Diablo III), but High Fantasy remains one of the most classic genres literature hasContinue reading “Lewis and Tolkien: Creators of High Fantasy”