NaNoWriMo Journal: Day 1


Things are going pretty well so far. Only a few things to report, as I’m still in the process of writing for the day. Successfully launched prologue, followed up with a scene snapshot of the main character almost dying at the hands of an occupying force. I’m trying to work worldbuilding in as subtly as I can, but doing so is tough work when you basically have no day/night rotation to work with.

Today’s hot tip: When starting out a story, it’s imperative that you plunge your hero into terrible trouble as soon as possible. Avoid throat-clearing and indulge your reader in the action as quick as you possibly can. Don’t focus on getting the reader to read through the whole book: you just need to get them to the next page.

I feel like I’ve started out pretty strong. But will I be able to rough it out to the end? Time will tell.



Published by Van Ghalta

A cold, dark, mysterious character who purposefully wrote a story so that he could fit into it...A story where he himself WRITES stories, practices martial arts, blogs, plays airsoft, collects MTG trading cards, plays outdated video games, and writes weird, third-person bios for himself...

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