Operation: Youtube Is a Go

I’m pleased to announce that the Writer’s Rack YouTube Channel (also known as Van Ghalta) has officially launched! After the four-episode premiere of this weekend, I’m going to settle into a regular routine of posting a YouTube video every Monday and Friday.

So be sure to check out the ever-growing pile of content! I humbly beg of you to drop a like and subscribe, smashing that notification bell for any and all updates that may or may not come in the near future. Savvy?


Good luck, and happy writing!

Be sure to check out my latest novel, Book 1 in the Praetors of Lost Magic Series, and our Publications page. Plus, I mean, it wouldn’t hurt to check out the Resources tab. It’s full of super helpful material and I promise it will help you out. Until then, writers!


Published by Van Ghalta

A cold, dark, mysterious character who purposefully wrote a story so that he could fit into it...A story where he himself WRITES stories, practices martial arts, blogs, plays airsoft, collects MTG trading cards, plays outdated video games, and writes weird, third-person bios for himself...

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